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eSports Wrap-up: PandaTank arrives in Paris, Bravado dominates in Dota 2

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As you can imagine, I wasn’t quite as excited to do the eSports Wrap-up today because u no love them and I’ve gotten strike two for it being the least popular and if I get strike three the team is going to make me do unspeakably horrifying things! So I just might be sealing my fate with this article, but hopefully you’ll be super awesome and help me escape this terrible doom.

*Holds thumbs* Here goes! So our local StarCraft II panda, Robert Botha headed off to the ESWC and has started getting his game on, Bravado has also been crowned the SteelSeries Spring League Dota 2 champs while the Counter-Strike Ready.Set.GO cup hosted by Do Gaming has been cooking up a storm in the group stages.

Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha at the ESWC

As many of you might know, Botha has been invited to compete at the ESWC this year. The championship is taking place from today and will end on Sunday. As a current member of the Protea Team, Botha is allowed to officially represent South Africa, and I’m sure he’s going to make us super proud before he heads off to the U.S to train at theRazerAcademy for three months.

Botha has already started to play some matches where he’s been doing a stellar job, taking the victory over Dimaga 2 – 1 and beating PsiArc 2 – 0. He’ll be frequently updating his Facebook page; you can head on over here to follow his progress.

Botha has been placed in group D, having to face players from the U.S, Ukraine, and Japan, Prize money at the ESWC amounts up to $40 000. Let’s hope he get’s to take home a chunk of that!

Robert on his way to Paris (ESWC)

Bravado Gaming takes the Dota 2 SteelSeries Spring League

In the finals against BASH last weekend, Bravado walked away as the victors with a 2 – 0 score. Even though BASH topped the log before heading into the finals, Bravado managed to pull out all the stops. Bravado had a strong run, but ran into some bumps in the road along the way.

“We went through a rough patch a while back and changed things up in quite a big way. Anthony ‘scant’ Hodgson is a big factor in our team and does some top-notch drafting and calls in-game. He has a precise plan and when it doesn’t work, he keeps the team under control and focused. He really does add a lot of value to the team,” said Sakkie ‘RandomHero’ Basson, captain and manager of the team in an interview earlier this week.

BASH seemed to have been caught out being too comfortable heading into the finals with their captain Donio “DoniBest’ Teixeria commenting that he didn’t expect much from Bravado in the finals.

“Personally, I didn’t expect much from the finals. I was hoping we would win but we haven’t been practising much lately due to exams and stuff. Bravado just played better than us, that’s all really,” he said.

Surprises in the Ready.Set.GO cup

Things are unfolding in the Ready.Set.GO cup as teams are giving it all they have in the group stages, taking on Counter-Strike veterans and winning. It’ll be very interesting to see how this new Counter-Strike title’s community unfolds and who will make their mark from the very start. So far, Sovereign Gaming, Transcending Dimensions, madFragz, Force in Motion, Bad Habit Boys, definitive, c7e and Super Serial gamers are at the top of their groups.

Here’s the results log as it currently stands, and for those who’d like to try out CS: GO, it’ll free to play on Steam until Sunday, Valve has teased that the game might go on sale next week, depending on how many people would like to play beyond the free to play weekend.

Last Updated: November 2, 2012

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