ESRB Forces Valve To Change Left 4 Dead 2 Cover

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So, above we have an image of the Left 4 Dead 2 poster, as it was before the ESRB got a hold of it.

You see, to be a little clever, and to keep the iconic zombie hand from the first cover, the designers for Left 4 Dead 2 decided to keep the same hand, but change it so that there are only two fingers, for obvious reasons.

The ESRB put on their whining hats, and decided that it was too much. Really? It damn near looks the same as the first one.

Check out the new cover and what the ESRB said after the jump.

So, the ESRB decided that even though the thumb on the hand looked all chewed off and nasty on the first cover, it was fine. However, the ring finger and pinky chewed off as well?

Shock, shock, horror, horror.

Apparently, those two being chewed off is like, way worse and just too much. Seriously now, come on ESRB, find something else to do.

Here is the image of the new cover, which now has the two previously missing fingers back on the cover and folded backwards to maintain the two fingers that relate to the title.

Source: Arstechnica

Last Updated: June 18, 2009

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