EU Console Sales Figures -15th March 2008

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So this is the last batch of sales figures before the price cut will be in effect… Well the price cut came into effect last week Friday but you know what I mean…

So how are things looking over in Europe for everyone at the moment? Well the Wii is still leading (only being outsold by the DS), the PS3 is around 20k units back and then again it’s another 20k units before we find the 360.

What is suprising however is that the PS2 is dead last this week, has that console finally started running out of steam? Only time will tell….

Wii  – 92,100
PS3 – 71,295
360 – 51,324
PS2 – 39,832

What will hurt Microsoft however is that the PS3 outsold it in the UK as well, by a paltry 200 units but a win is a win.

In the Other category that we fall into though the 360 is miles ahead of the PS3 with sales of over double. Granted it’s total sales are only 14 000 but again a win is a win. | European Weekly Chart

Last Updated: March 18, 2008

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