Eurogamer 360 vs PS3 Round 9

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Turok You may have noticed that I didn’t cover round 8 of Eurogamer’s continous series pitting 360/PS3 ports against each other. There is no conspiracy here the games were just absolutely terrible and the feature was dull. By their own admission.

Anyway so back to one of the most important decisions when buying a console, which console has the better games and which one plays the ports better?

There has been a lot of talk recently about how the PS3’s ports are catching up fast and even overtaking the 360 is certain respects. Well according to Eurogamer that is utter garbage. The results are in and the 360 is still the better machine to play cross platform titles on..

So lets get to what they reviewed this time

Devil May Cry 4 – Xbox 360
The anti-aliasing is better on the 360 and the PS3 requires a 5Gb install which doesn’t help in load times or framerate enough to warrant it. A 3 second faster load time is useless.

The Club – Xbox 360 
Graphical superior on the 360.

PES 2008 – Tie
However the game has been roundly criticised and if you want to play a good football game this year rather go for FIFA 2008

FIFA Street 3 – Xbox 360
Less jaggies and better anti-aliasing on the 360

Juiced 2 – Xbox 360 
Rather don’t get this game at all but in the comparison the PS3 version received a “totally unremarkable”. Screen tear and just not as pretty on the PS3

Turok – Xbox 360
The PS3 version is graphically inferior. The studio’s did lead on the 360 version so it had an unfair advantage though.

So that’s it… 5-0 for the Xbox 360 and before complaining to loudly I would recommend reading through the entire feature on Eurogamers site. They are very fair and I struggle to really argue against anything that has been said.

Source: Eurogamer

[Thanks to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: March 7, 2008

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