Eurogamer Face Off: Round 14 – Avert your eyes PS3 fans

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So it’s that time again.. time for the PS3 fans to cringe and warm up their excuse making machine.

It’s the 14th Eurogamer console face off and with the current score being 13-0 to the Xbox 360 you have to wonder if the PS3 is ever going to come to the party? We were all promised that the PS3 would deliver like no other console on the graphical front and I am pleased to say that the PS3 has put in its best ever effort in Round 14… but still lost miserably.

Before commenting that Eurogamer are biased please check the full technical details that they have implemented in this analysis.

If you are interested in the full breakdown and dirty details then click through to the Eurogamer website to view their write up, if you just want to know who won and why then click through to see the simple summary.

Ah a sucker for punishment I see… okay let’s get straight into it.

Soul Calibur 4 (Xbox 360 is the winner)

“Soul Calibur IV is stressing Xbox 360 in ways Namco-Bandai has been unable or unwilling to match on the equivalent PlayStation 3 code” <—Ouch…

Kung Fu Panda (Xbox 360 is the winner)

“The only difference concerns the framerate. PlayStation 3 is locked to 30FPS, whereas the 360 code does its best to run at the more preferable, fulsome 60fps”… though the 360 does experience some screen tear but so does the PS3 version

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360 is the winner)

Xbox 360 version has additional depth of field and an improved refresh rate…

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360 is the winner)

It’s really appalling that anyone is actually the winner here, but apparently the 360 is actually miles ahead in the graphics department in Guitar Hero Aerosmith… are there even graphics in GH Aerosmith? How did the PS3 not manage to tie this game?

Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games (Xbox 360 is the winner)

I’m starting to lose count here, again another sub quality PS3 port (58% on Metacritic) being soundly beaten by it’s 360 compatriot. “the PlayStation 3 rendition of the game looks a bit unfinished in comparison”

The Incredible Hulk (PS3 Takes it)

No that is not a typo, the PS3 actually takes this one and by the sound of it it takes it by quite a bit. Though it will be said that the only reason the PS3 version won this one is because the developers tried to do to much with the 360 version and dropped the ball in the end.

Facebreaker (360 sniffs it)

It was close and it seemed that it was finally decided that the 360 was the winner as the victims eye’s don’t reflect on the PS3 versions gloves… that’s about it.. Well that and some arb aliasing differences.

EA Sports Roundup  (Not sure… tie maybe?)

This time around they decided to review a bunch of EA Sports titles at once so it makes it a bit difficult to actually get a direct answer… But for one thing the PS3 versions have drastically improved since last year and are now compare very very well with 360 versions.

The only bad thing mentioned was the dodgy menu systems on the PS3 version as they kept on locking up while testing.. something which EA’s developers have confirmed as being a lack of memory on the PS3.

So that’s it… this round clearly goes to the 360 and what surprises me is that the PS3 has not been able to match the 360 yet… how is that possible?

Last Updated: September 29, 2008

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