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Eurogamer Face Off Round 18 – Here we go again

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It’s back, the regular Eurogamer feature that gets the worlds fanboys frothing at the mouth.

So the big question again is can the PS3 finally get a round win over the Xbox 360?

Remember all the indisputable technical details can be found through the link at the bottom but if you are going to blame Eurogamers for your console of choices failures the technical details are not going to be that important.

Okay first up on the chopping board is Skate 2 and they start with some strong statements like

“playing it definitely leaves you with the sense that it is a game that is being held back by the inadequacies of the code powering it”

Where it is the PS3 version which obviously means the Xbox 360 version wins this one.

Next up we get Silent Hill Homecoming and the strong statements keep coming

“the PS3 version of the game appears to be upscaled from 1024×576 – much closer to standard-def PAL resolution than HD, and a 50 per cent detail-level increase in favour of the 360”

So that’s another one for the Xbox 360 and it is starting to feel that the PS3 is going backwards in these comparisons. However to give it some dues the framerate of the PS3 version is more stable.

So onto Need For Speed and the pattern continues

“In just about every measurable sense, NFS: Undercover is an unsavoury experience on PS3”

Ouch… chalk number 3 up to the Xbox 360 and lets move onto Sonic Unleashed which appears to have been such a bad game that the guys over at Eurogamer just couldn’t bare to call anyone a winner when it comes to this abysmal game… So it’s a Tie on this one.

Onto Endwar we go and it’s another Tie with only the cynical giving it to the 360 seeing as the PS3 has a huge install of 4.8GB and still loads slower than the 360 version.

The last game for this battle is Rise of the Argonauts which is yet another abomination of a game, according to Eurogamer the 360 has some anti-aliasing where the PS3 doesn’t however with the graphics being so terrible it doesn’t make any difference and with the screen tear being worse on the 360 I think we can give this one to the PS3… However I do love their summation of Argonauts

“a Chernobyl-level, world-threatening, nuclear disaster of a game on both platforms”

So that’s it… another round and another clear cross platform victory for the Xbox 360.

Click through to see the full breakdown and all the comparison screenshots and video’s.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: March 5, 2009

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