European 360 sales have more than doubled since price-cut

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[Update] The local press release has just landed with some more localised news…

Since the local price cut the sales of the Xbox 360 have now increased by 60% causing stock shortage problems across the country. It has also helped the Xbox 360 secure a 51% local market share leaving the Wii and PS3 to fight over the smaller share.[/Update]

According to a press release posted on, hardware sales for the Xbox 360 have more than doubled since the price-cut was introduced on the 14th of March 2008.

No Figures have been given, but the press release states that the 360 owns 42% of the market in terms of life-to-date revenue and also has the highest attach rate of any of its competitors with more than 7 games per console as opposed to 3.8 for the PS3 and 3.5 for the Wii.

Here is the full press release:

LONDON – Thursday 17th April, 2008- The momentum behind Xbox 360 continues to grow, as Microsoft today announced that European sales have more than doubled in the wake of recent adjustments of the estimated retail price (ERP), solidifying its leadership position as the number one next-generation console in Europe and significantly broadening the console’s audience.

“Xbox 360 is truly the next-generation console of choice among consumers, and today’s numbers are proof that we are delivering on our commitment to achieve critical mass in Europe,” said Chris Lewis, Vice President, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Europe.“The highly competitive ERP, coupled with entertainment content that’s appealing to everyone in the home, makes Xbox 360 the ultimate high-definition entertainment choice, and it’s clear that we’re already seeing this resonate with consumers.”

Xbox 360 is the number one next-gen console in EMEA, owning 42% of the market in terms of life-to-date revenue. Xbox 360 continues to enjoy the highest software attach rate of any game console in Europe with more than 7.0 games sold per console (PS3: 3.8; Wii 3.5) after 27 months on the market.

On Friday, 14th March, Microsoft lowered the ERP for its Xbox 360™ family of consoles in Europe. Now with an entry-level ERP of£159.99, Xbox 360 is a video game and entertainment system that is appealing to an even broader audience. Upcoming releases of blockbuster games such as“Grand Theft Auto IV,”“Rock Band,”“Lego Indiana Jones” and“Ninja Gaiden 2,” will continue this momentum and give consumers even more reasons to buy Xbox 360.

Source: MCV

Last Updated: April 17, 2008

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  • darthdad

    Finally! A positive 360 article. Thanks Lazy.

  • Yes, thanks lazy!!

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- I like your map!
    This looks good for the 360 🙂

  • Then you should be visiting my site darth :p

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The GTA4 & Rock Band combo:Xbox 360’s European Assault

  • kay

    I still wonder if the Xbox “shortages” are real, and if so, related to the recent switch of assembly plants. I saw quite a few people on Gizmodo say that they drove around for ages trying to find an Xbox in the US, but it seems very location-dependent. About time those price cuts made a difference…

    kay’s last blog post..Uncle Bob’s upcoming book: Clean Code

  • I think this is an MS article, since the figures don’t reflect any increase in sales since the price cut.

    Jinja’s last blog post..ESPN’s Top 10 Unsportsmanlike plays

  • Dude, the bit at the top says it’s a Microsoft Press Release!!!

    And to disagree, according to VGCharts the 360 sales are up about 50% from where they were.

    @kay, you see how much money MS are pumping into the GTA4 & RB launch? I’ve long suspected they’re stockpiling, but I could well be wrong.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The GTA4 & Rock Band combo:Xbox 360’s European Assault

  • Abe

    Um what am I missing? Have all the figures we have been seeing over the last few weeks been a lie? As every week goes by the xbox is beaten in sale by the ps3 and this has become true in both hardware and software. Me thinks someone in Redmond is liking the wacky tobaccy!

  • boredhousewife

    An increase in sales for the Xbox is relative to sales of the xbox and the sales of the PS3 is irrelevant. To give an analogy – if Abe is a door to door salesman and he sells 1 vacuum cleaner in week one and 2 in week 2 then Abe has doubled his sales and however many vacuums Doobiwan sells does not change the fact that Abe doubled his sales. I trust this clears up any confusion.

  • NoMaD

    Who cares about figures, it’s all about the gaming

  • Abe

    Boredhousewife, I was refering more to MS claims of being number one in Europe!

  • Fox1

    The 360 is still leading the PS3 in Europe and as boredhousewife as stated that the sales have increased but not overtaken the PS3.

  • Abe

    Lest we forget about the Wii fox1?
    ps nomad waht else are we supposed to do when the control aint in hand? 😉

  • Fox1

    “leaving the Wii and PS3 to fight over the smaller share”


  • boredhousewife

    Its the sweet science of spin – the figure they refer to is total revenue – hardware,software,peripherals,downloads etc.

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