European and Others sales figures – 9th Feb 2008

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There is very little change in the European sales charts for this week

Wii  –  128,077
PS3 –    64,432
360 –    45,570

Wii  – 564,307
PS3 – 379,775
360 – 336,023

However there is an interesting first, a cross platform simultaneous release is no longer selling much better on the 360 as has always been the case. We had two cross platform releases this week

Devil May Cry 4
360 – 90,652
PS3 – 86,158

360 – 39,704
PS3 – 39,656

Now remember these are researched and estimated numbers so the PS3 versions could in fact have out sold the 360 versions. I would say this has made Sony happier than the hardware sales.

VG Chartz | Europe / Others Weekly Chart

Last Updated: February 12, 2008

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