European developers don't like Xbox One

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In the build up to the Game Developers Conference in Cologne, the GDC surveyed over 300 European games industry professionals.  The results are quite striking – mobile and PC development far outweighs console developing, and the Xbox One is less desirable than the PS4!

When asked for which platforms the developers were making games at the moment, the results were dominated by smartphones/tablets (60%) and PC/Mac (aw yeah!  Mac developers!!) platforms (50%).  Consoles didn’t even crack into the 20% range.


Moving on, the developers were asked which newer markets were of most interest.  Xbox One came in at about 20% on this, almost half of the PS4, which is almost 40%.  I also find it interesting that people are more interested in developing for the PS Vita than for the Nintendo Wii U.  Poor Wii U.


However, before we get all up in arms about these results, let’s keep in mind who actually conducted this survey.  The Games Developers Conference sounds very prestigious, and gets some high end people in the industry to give summits and speeches.  That said, it’s not as if the conference is filled with developers from EA, Ubisoft, Activision and the other big development houses [Ed’s note: it totally is].  In fact, Geoff facetiously explained the conference as

it’s really just indies circle jerking each other

So… if we consider that the indie developers are focusing on tablet and PC/Mac (yay Mac!) development, it makes more sense.  Of course it’s easier for indie developers to make games for those platforms and get published with some exposure.  This means that consoles will continue to see primarily mainstream titles.

Last Updated: July 17, 2013

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