European & Others Sales for 12th April

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MarioSo the price cut is in full swing now and I have to admit I am hugely suprised at the complete and total lack of movement on the Xbox 360 side.

It has become so noticeable now that I can only feel that Microsoft are preparing something big… Any price cut instantly sparks a spike in sales that lasts for a few weeks before coming back down to earth, however this just hasn’t happened.

Add this to the constant complaints of shortages and you have to wonder what is going on…

Anyway lets get to the numbers….

DS – 153,253 (-12%)     25,542,482
Wii – 143,995 (+16%)     7,736,255
PS3 – 98,039 (-16%)     5,141,213
360 – 66,864 (-11%)     6,143,776
PSP – 61,963 (+9%)     11,770,044

So the Nintendo platforms are still easily leading the way and are showing no signs of halting their overly impressive sales figures… I am glad to see I haven’t seen any respectable analyst call the Wii a fad for quite some time now….

And when we move over to the software sales the results are the same as before… except the Wii, thanks to Mario Kart (500k) has jumped up a bit…

Wii – 1,220,672
DS – 604,967
PS3 – 423,291
360 – 264,995
PSP – 74,137

The Nintendo shareholders must be over the moon right now… | Europe / Others Weekly Chart

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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