European sales – 5th April 2008

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Nintendo DS

So very little has changed this week, GT5:P is still going strong, there is a suprising lack of PS3 and 360 titles in the charts this week and for the first time on this site we are going to be looking at the DS and PSP sales as well


clip_image002 166,202 (+11%)  25,270,557
clip_image004 125,075 (+8%)     7,595,768
clip_image006 115,712 (-23%)     5,020,174
clip_image008   75,708 (-17%)     6,091,991
clip_image010   52,143 (-4%)      11,542,121

So the DS is easily the winner this week followed by it’s big brother the Wii, However the PS3 is closing fast and the 360 is falling behind. The PSP is bringing up the rear.

What is interesting however is that the 360 now only has a 1.02 million lead over the PS3, however at the current rate the PS3 won’t overtake the 360 for another 26 weeks.

When we look at the software charts we have a similar looking pattern

clip_image002[4] 708,790
clip_image004[4] 656,523
clip_image006[4] 614,052 (268k on GT5 alone)
clip_image008[4] 341,002
clip_image010[4] 102,488

I am pretty sure Microsoft are not happy at all with those software figures…. | Europe / Others Weekly Chart

Last Updated: April 8, 2008

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