European Sales up until 15th February 2008

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Not much has changed since last week, the Wii is still ahead by miles while the PS3 seems to have solidified its second spot with the 360 bringing up the rear. Microsoft really do need to make a big announcement to turn the tide of Europe before they lose it completely.

Wii  – 108,943
PS3 –   76,306
360 –   45,415

Wii  – 481,546
PS3 – 337,345
360 – 284,710

On a side note I have noticed that people in South Africa seem to be becoming more interested in the Wii recently. There was the obvious excitement when it was released, then it died down a bit and now recently I am getting more and more enquiries about it. Obviously this is not some scientific survey but don’t be suprised if you suddenly start to notice a shortage of Wii’s locally.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2008

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