Ever Wonder What A Next-Gen Road Rash Would Be Like?

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If you, like me, had a Sega Megadrive then there is a very good chance that you wasted many hours of your life playing the old classic smack-em-off-their-bikes-and-laugh-like-a-maniac-em-up Road Rash.

Back then games were simple and they were fun and we could toss hours out the window doing nothing but playing really simple games.

A concept video was made to show how a new Road Rash could look on next-gen (is it current gen now? I guess so) consoles in an attempt to revive the franchise. While I think that there is a lot of potential, this video is actually paces so badly that it makes the game feel really boring when compared to what’s out there these days.

Sure, a previsualisation is designed to just give a glimpse of how the game may play but surely you would want it to look, I don’t know… exciting? The studio who made this has been closed for quite some time now, so the chances of this game ever happening are slim-to-none.

In anycase, screw Road Rash, I want a new version of Skitchin’, now that game was awesome.

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Last Updated: October 9, 2009

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