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Every game announced in yesterday’s Nintendo Indie Direct

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Exit the Gungeon

Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch knows that the real charm of this console isn’t just the Big N’s line-up of first-party games, but the attractive lure of indie titles that can be found in its marketplace. Games that mix quirky visuals, weird ideas and pure passion together into a concoction of fun that can be played under the sheets or in the streets.

Nintendo held their latest Nindie Direct yesterday, and in that short span of time a whole lot of fantastic-looking content was shown off. Highlights include Enter the Gungeon getting a sequel by the name of Exit the Gungeon that happens to be out right meow, a card battler game with a living board to play on by the name of Faeria and Moving Out giving physics victims PTSD with its wacky application of the laws of Newton.

One of the other big announcements was The Last Campfire, from none other than No Man’s Sly developer Hello Games. Much smaller in scope than the galaxy exploration game which put their name on the map, Hello Games have crafted a title that features an adorable little fella in blue looking for “compassion, empathy, and finding hope.”

Here’s the archived stream to watch:

And here’s the full list of games!

Eldest Souls - Key Art
  • Blue Fire – Made by Graffiti Games and Robi Studios, this one is a 3D platformer
  • Baldo – A JRPG with Italian flair that looks like it took a few pages out of the Studo Ghibli design book
  • I Am Dead – A mysterious island called Shelmerston, ancient mysteries and the best tool in your bag is the ability to use X-Ray vision
  • Bark – A schmup with animals that have to protect the Bio-Interstellar Ark
  • Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse – Oh dear lord this is going to be wrong on multiple levels isn’t it? 
  • Summer in Mara – Kind of reminds me of Stardew Valley with its crafting and farming elements, as you meet friends and protect nature 
  • Quantum League – Multiplayer with time paradox mechanics where you start each round with a remnant echo of your previous self
  • The Good Life – Swery’s back, and the latest project is about people transforming into cats and dogs at night and then having to solve a murder case. Well alright then
  • The Last Campfire  – The new Hello Games project 
  • PixelJunk Eden 2 – More Pixeljunk, more staes generated by your actions in the best example of causality that you could ask for
  • Faeria  – The aforementioned card battling game
  • Eldest Souls – Classic boss rush action with plenty of the ol’ hack and/or slash
  • Sky Racket – Shoot everything, and use a tennis racket to bounce stuff around
  • Moving Out – This can only end in chaos if history repeats itself
  • Exit The Gungeon – Plenty of new weapons and items, out right now!

In addition to all those games that are arriving between several hours ago and later this year, Nintendo also briefly showed off a few other games on the way in blink and you’ll miss it sizzle reel segments:

  • Blair Witch – Bloober Team
  • Bounty Battle – Dark Screen Games
  • Dicey Dungeons – Distractionware
  • Ghost of a Tale – SeithCG
  • Sky: Children of the Light – Thatgamecompany
  • Superliminal – Pillow Castle
  • Wingspan – Monster Couch

Looks like there’ll be plenty of games to play on the Nintendo Switch in no time. And simply not enough hours in the day to experience them all.

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

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