Evil Genius 101: How to open Xbox Live part 2

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I really enjoy reading doobiwan’s evil genius column that gets published whenever he gets a new brainwave into his head.

His latest one really hit home though as I am about to setup a new gamertag for my wife so that we can co-op N+ with some other friends over Live.

The problem however is that I don’t want to buy a months subscription for a night every now and then. So I have been out begging for 48 hour tokens.

However doobiwan has the solution, if only Microsoft would listen. (reproduced with permission, thanks)

While I’m happy to pay for Xbox Live gold myself, the idea of mandatory subscriptions in general bother me. Things like those Premium rate SMS ads on telly that hit you for R30 a month and don’t tell you how to unsubscribe, it all comes across as, well, evil.

Likewise XBL currently reminds me a bit of the early days of cell phones in SA. You could only get one by signing up for a 2 year contract, and well, that was the options. The truth is different people use phones, or play games, differently. The cell market here really opened up, well it really became an explosion, with the introduction of pay as you go. So why not do the same for Live gold?

I still like my earlier idea of allowing free custom games, but this would address a different gamer demographic. Where free custom games address guys that just want to play with their RL friends, you have the opposite situation of a gamer who goes on seldomly who just wants to hook up for a quick round or two of matchmaking, maybe 2-3 times a month. The sort of gamer to whom spending $5 a month of Live seems a waste.

My suggestion: 80 points buys you a 48hour gold window, much like the free promo codes. Heck the SKU is already in the system they just need to add it to Marketplace.

 Gamer ZA: Evil Genius 101: How to open Xbox Live part 2

Last Updated: March 27, 2008

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