Evil Genius 101: Idiots. The 360 is not going anywhere soon.

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Doobiwan has been ranting on his site again, I do enjoy his evil genius thoughts and he has once again kindly allowed me to copy and paste the entire thing… So let is begin.. This time he is arguing about the stupidity of the human race..

The Internet is a beautiful and utterly dreadful thing. In the entire history of mankind has it never been so apparent just how stupid 99% of the human race is. Blogging was possibly the single most important contribution to free speech since pirate radio or the printing press, but it also accounts for more noise and disinformation than the entire KGB drunk at Hooters.

Now with the rise of aggregators, like digg, reddit, or N4G which try to separate the good from the bad, there is a rather unfortunate side effect. Sensational rubbish rises to the top, and no one bothers to challenge it, provided your site looks good. (Seeking Alpha I’m looking at you)
Now’s where I put this rant in context.

Sorry to single another site out, but they’ve posted a bunch of stupid comments I’ve seen on a number of sites before. I’m talking about GameRevolver’s 2008 360 predictions. Most of the drivel centre’s around a single premise – Microsoft will announce the next Xbox this year for release in ’09. Read it. Have a laugh. Then, unlike the author, actually think about it.
The 360 is not going anywhere.

Anyone who understands how the console business works, or frankly anyone with just a bit of common sense, will understand that it’s absolute bollocks. It’s basic stuff, the 360 has only just reached profitability, most of the planet haven’t bought the current gen systems (360/wii/PS3) because they’re too expensive, so why on earth release something that would be horribly more expensive that adds no significant improvement over the current device?

Xbox 1 died early because, even after 4 years in the market, Microsoft was still selling the device at a huge loss because of mistakes they made in licensing (Also why they switched from nVidia to ATI). The 360 has been designed and built to cost reduce (That’s why HD disc wasn’t included and the HDD is optional) Read a few EDD interviews it’s enlightening. It’s a credit to the quality of the software on the platform, but no console in history has held it’s price as high for as long as the 360. This year the 360 is going low and wide. Kim Shane, Peter Moore and J Allard have all said exactly the same thing, consoles only hit mass market once they drop below $200. There will be a $200 360 SKU by the end of this year.

As far as a “weak” ’08 line up goes, once again, Microsoft are many things, but doff isn’t one of them. It was imperative that 2007 be a big year for them, and in order to do so, they have kept a lot of their ’08 stuff under wraps, firstly as not to overshadow ’07 and secondly to try and catch Sony off guard in ’08. You really think they’ll sit on their laurels against MGS4 and GT5? Once again, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s all in the interviews.

Tclip_image001he “journalists” opinion is that it’s the only way to get over the RRoD stigma which is also an absolute load of tosh. The 360 is already on its way over the debacle with the launch of “Falcon”, ie the Arcade. All Microsoft needs to do is differentiate the 2008 models with new monikers and they’re done. Release “Pro2” & “Elite2” preferably with better features and the confusion over which 360s have what parts ends. There could even be a physical redesign ala PSOne or PS2 Slim, but I think they need to work their manufacturing processes a bit first. I’m also going to throw my opinion behind rumours of the 360 becoming a platform rather than a device, like the new N-Gage. Credible insider rumour has it that Microsoft are pushing the CPU&GPU towards a system on a chip which would make it embeddable in almost anything, which will make it’s lifespan way more than a mere 5-7 even 10 years. Why put a BR drive in a 360, when you can put a 360 in any BR player?

As for the “Xbox Next”, what will it be? I have no idea, but I’ll bet there’s more to it than just performance upgrades. The Wii showed the way there. I imagine we’d hear an announcement about it towards the end of 2009 for launch 2010 or 2011. Why do I say that? Simple. All 3 of the gentlemen mentioned above have said so. And it makes sense.

Gamer ZA: Evil Genius 101: Idiots. The 360 is not going anywhere soon.

Last Updated: February 15, 2008

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