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I’m digging the idea behind Evolve so far. You’ve got a human team hunting down a player-controlled monster, which rocks four core skills in order to best murder a gang of hunters. So essentially, this is Ridley Scott’s Pokémon. Tenuous link aside, you’re going to need to evolve your abilities as one of those monsters.

While teamwork is paramount to success in Evolve, lone wolf players can call testicles to that idea and go it alone, hunting the hunters as an alien murder machine. So far, the Goliath has been given the most attention, and news out of PAX East shows that his skills will level up through a point-based system, that evolves the brute.

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Speaking to Polygon, executive producer Denby Grace explained that players were a little confused by the old system of evolving an alien, so developer Turtle Rock implemented the new skill point system. “You can choose to spread your skill points across three abilities or max one of those abilities up. It’s really made your choices much broader. “It has made for some really, really interesting strategies,” Grace said.

The Goliath packs four abilities (Leap attack, charge attack, rock throw and fire-breathing) and will need to eat animals in order to increase its pool of skill points. Eating animals leaves a trail however, and the alien in an open and vulnerable position. Hell, even smaller animals that flee will catch the eye of savvy hunters. “It goes really deep. A lot deeper than you initially think,” Grace said.

As for the Hunters, Grace said that a match will require all four variants before starting, and that each category has several class variations within them. They can also use the fauna to unlock buffs.

Evolve is jumping out from the bushes on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. And remember, if it bleeds, we can kill it.

Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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