Evolve still lives, next game from creators of Left 4 Dead

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Evolve (1)

You know what the best thing is about new gaming technology hardware? New games and ideas being floated around. Or at least a risk being taken here and there. Gaming is slowly creating a divide between pure single-player experiences and multiplayer-only gameplay, and that’s something that you’ll see more of later this year in Evolve.

Game Informer and their fancy-schamncy print medium have revealed that Evolve is still a thing. The game was originally being developed over at THQ a couple of years ago, but uh, well we all know how that ended up.

2K Games got their hands on the Evolve license after THQ went bust, for the cool cool price of $10.8 million when the remains of that publisher were sold off. Developed by former Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead staff over at Turtle Rock games, Evolve has a pretty simple yet intriguing premise.

Evolve (1)

Four players hop in, and find themselves having to hunt down a player controlled alien. The catch here is that every time they kill this creature, he’ll come back bigger and meaner every time with new human-killing abilities. So essentially, you’re hunting an alien whose super-power is extreme Darwinism..

Of course, each player won’t go into battle unprepared, and they’ll have plenty of weapons, items and unique abilities from which to draw from and fight back with. The game will be out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. Here’s a look at the cover art:

Evolve (4)Evolve (3)

I’ve got to say, I’m digging the idea behind this game. Personally, I’m hoping that the alien itself can evolve into different types of specialties. While it’s all good fun to transform into a fire-breathing juggernaut, I’d also like to play as a creature that comes back with natural stealth defences that make hunting down human players that much more brutal.

What do you reckon? Sound like an interesting game to y’all?

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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