Exclusive Mass Effect Trilogy Confirmed for Xbox 360

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 [Update] It appears that the source site was either confused, or downright lying, but either way this rumour has been squashed by Bioware themselves. So far nothing has been confirmed about exclusivity or not but it does appear that the trilogy part is true.

Mass Effect a 360 exclusive for ever

Bioware’s head honcho, Ray Muzyka, has been talking to the ozzie mag Australian 360 about the future of the Mass Effect series and it’s all good news for our 360 fans.

Ray has confirmed that Mass Effect will be a trilogy and it will be a console exclusive for the Xbox 360.

What’s really important about this announcement is that it shows us the legs that the 360 still has with the next title planned to be out in 2009 and then the third most probably in 2011. So if you were worried that the 360 would be dropped before then worry no more. EA are big enough to be trusted in this regard.

Also if you were one of the few hoping for the PS3 to get a port then I think it’s time to stop hoping, Mass Effect is a solid 360 exclusive.

Source: vgchartz.com

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Last Updated: July 23, 2008

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