Expect a day one patch for Project Cars

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Project Cars is finally – after a delay or two – coming this week, and it could just be the game racing pundits who favour simulation over arcade have been waiting for. Some lucky folk aren’t waiting anymore, having managed to snag early copies. But they’re a little less happy than you’d imagine. There are reports that the game’s got some bugs that are making the game not just ugly, but potentially unplayable for some.

There appears to be an issue (Neogaf via The Games Cabin)with the game’s motion blur when using the cockpit view, which is more evident on the PlayStation 4 than it is on the Xbox One. It’s producing a ghostly double image that would cause the average human being to vomit in to his (or her!) shoes. You can see the effects of the bug here:

And if it’s not already fixed, it certainly will be – with a dash of speed. According to Slightly Mad, fixing something like this is a-word-that-has-asterisks-in-it important.

Because about what I’ve said about the hundreds of people that have looked at our game in the QA process etc etc before it was viewed by the public, there is a small possibility here that people might have spotted a geninue bug, so despite it being a minor thing in the scheme of things, I want to get to the bottom of it. Call me OCD but a few hours of feedback conversion to perfect a possible visible error to a few percent of people who pay for our game is f*cking important.

All that it means is that – like every single game that sees release these days – you should expect to install a day one patch. We have no idea yet how large (or little!) that may be.

Last Updated: May 4, 2015