Extinction swings into action on April 10 for Xbox One, PC and PS4

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Feel like slaying a giant? Well developers Iron Galaxy and Modus Games have your back for the tallest of tales, as their titan-killing game Extinction will be hitting screens on April 10 this year. The objective is simple enough: Humanity lives under the smelly heel of the humongous Ravenii, and it’s up to you to use speed and power to cut these brutes down to size.

Extinction will drop in two flavours in April. A standard edition and a deluxe edition which includes the ‘Days of Dolorum’ season pass. In case you’ve forgotten what it looks like, here’s a trailer for Extinction in action, as well as some flavour text from the mouths of Iron Galaxy:

In Extinction, players take on the role of the hero, Avil. The last of the legendary Sentinels – the only warriors capable of toppling the Ravenii – he is all that stands between the towering ogres and the survival of the human race. Featuring insane skill-based combat that’s not for the squeamish, you’ll have to traverse the environment with precision while executing devastating attacks on your enemies.

Use your whip to launch Avil into the air while dispatching a full-scale assault on monstrous beasts who want nothing more than to decimate you and your world. Annihilate all that stands between you and rescuing the people of Dolorum from extinction.

Last Updated: January 31, 2018

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