F1 2010 Patch Coming, No Date Yet

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Codemasters, via their forums, have confirmed that they are working on a patch for their latest racing opus, F1 2010.

According to Caldera, a community representative, they’ll do their best to keep everyone informed on whats going to be fixed, and they look forward to our feedback.

Reading through the comments on the CVG post, it appears there are some strange bugs with the pitstops, and occasional inconsistencies with weather and your tires, and it doesn’t pick up that you’re on slicks in the pouring rain.

If you, like Nick (who found the dodgy framerate problematic), have found some glitches or bugs with the game, make sure to head to the Codemasters’ forum and let them know, so they can turn this great F1 game into a spectacular one.

Source: Codemasters’ forums (via CVG)

Last Updated: September 28, 2010

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