Fable III Allows you To Impregnate Your Xbox Live Mates

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Fable II’s online co-op was, for lack of a more euphemistic term, rubbish. It arrived as an add-on patch way too late, and was broken beyond the point of being playable. Not letting co-op partners use their avatars was an egregious boo-boo, too.

Lionhead looks to fix all of that with Fable III’s online co-op will be a little more comprehensive. So comprehensive, in fact, that it’ll allow you to get intimate with your co-op partner, and even knock them up. Sweet! Now I can finally have Nick’s babies!

The latest issue of OXM tells us that the latest in the Fable series will allow you to get your freak on with your co-op partner, and make in-game babies. There’s no word on which partner gets custody if the virtual romance fails though.

"The team seems committed to ensuring the [co-op] experience is in no way compromised," says OXM. "You’ll be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together." Seems like the contextual touching that Lionhead’s been touting may be a little more in-depth than I’d ever imagined.

Source : OXM

Last Updated: April 13, 2010

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