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Fable will live on in a collectible card game, coming to Kickstarter

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Fable Fortune coming to Kickstarter

I know Fable hasn’t exactly been the premiere RPG title the likes of Peter Molyneux hoped it would be, but I was still as distraught as anyone else when Lionhead Studios shut their doors. Through the years they produced some gems, and I still regard the first Fable as one of my favourite games to date. So seeing the series wither away and disappear is equally heart-breaking, although that has been put on hold for the time being.

With the good graces of Microsoft some ex-Lionhead developers have banded together to form Flaming Fowl Studios (known in parts of South Africa as Nandos). They’ve managed to retain the rights to a Fable collectible card game that no one knew was in development at Lionhead. Fable Fortune is taking elements from Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and it’s coming to Kickstarter today.

The game sticks strictly to collectible card game rules, in that you’ll be opening random packs to build up your collection over time. It also has eight distinct characters to choose from like Hearthstone, but differs in the way progression works. Not only will characters level up, but individual cards will too. That means to get the best out of your deck, you’ll have to continuously play with it, which could be both good and bad (it could discourage experimentation, for example).

It’s standard collectible card game fare with classic British humour and Fable characters to boot, so it’s certainly something I probably would’ve bought into had Lionhead actually had the chance to release it. We’re bound to get more information once the Kickstarter goes live, and I do hope it manages to scrape together the £250,000 goal it’s seeking.

Because it might not be a new RPG, but it’s still Fable. And we need just one last farewell for it.

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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