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Facebook and Twitter kicked off the Xbox 360

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Way back in 2009 I wrote about Facebook and Twitter arriving on the Xbox 360 and at that time I wasn’t overly kind about either application.

I thought Facebook was okayish

I did like the Facebook feature but it is limited and will only be used on occasions when you want to show people images from facebook and don’t want to crowd around the PC

But that ability is now utterly pointless in the days of iPads and Galaxy Tabs but I was less complimentary about the Twitter functionality

I didn’t enjoy the Twitter experience at all.

To the point… I liked the old me..

Anyway I bring this up so that I can gloat about how I was entirely correct and both services have now sneakily been removed from the new Xbox 360 dashboard with Microsoft saying you can now replicate those experiences by using the newly inbuilt Internet Explorer 9 functionality.

Which people still won’t do as normal human beings don’t want to type with a controller, it’s stupid.

I hope all those people who gushed over these amazing new features back in 2009 feel like real pillocks now.

*How egotistical is it quoting yourself?

Last Updated: October 19, 2012

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