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Fake Black Ops 2 video hits the Internet

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One of the parts of the gaming industry that I don’t really enjoy is the amount of fake news that fans make and attempt to flog off onto the unsuspecting public.

Then we get stuck in a predicament where we really should just ignore this stuff but now that it’s going viral if we don’t post about it we receive a flood of tips about it and people start believing it. So let’s take a look here.

So what we have is a possible menu for Black Ops 2 with some decent styling and logo’s and all the rest.. oh but what’s that over there?

Zombie Campaign, is this the big selling point for Black Ops 2? Are they going to move away from the spec ops idea and instead give us a whole second campaign based around zombies?

Well no I seriously doubt it but that’s not why I think this one’s fake. I’m calling fake on this one because of the code scrolling nonsense between menu’s. Obviously the fan is trying to make us think that they are showing debug code during the transition which is something that a developer might do, but not likely. But if you pause the scrolling you can quite clearly see it’s just someone called Kim scrolling through the directories in his documents and settings folder in Windows.

Not only that but Kim also has a cracked copy of MarioPaint (check the header image) on their machine which is something I doubt any Treyarch developer has on their work machine.

Oh and that logo used by the game was created by CharlieIntel.com last year and they have stated that they haven’t given Treyarch permission to use it either.

So it’s fake, it’s a decent idea but it’s 100% fake.

Last Updated: March 13, 2012

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