Fake GTA IV review?

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GTA multi-player...

Apparently someone by the name of Cam Garish managed to get his hands on two copies of GTA IV dated 21/2/2008 (which would be preview code) and played it on his bog standard machine. I wonder how he managed to get a copy for each platform?

Anyway lets suspend logic and truth for now and read through his fantastic review…

Okay fine it’s a terrible review filled with blatant lies (Rockstar has leaked some info), obvious PS3 bias, generic sentences and the most startling proof of it being a lie….

I was alone, so I didn’t actually get to have any matches, but I could tell that the split-screen worked really well.

So he has no friends but can still assure us that the split-screen GTA IV option works really well? Seriously if you had the GTA IV code wouldn’t you find it quite easy to get someone to drive across the country to come and try it out with you?

If you would like to read it you can follow through the link below… not sure it’s worth the effort though?

CGReviews – Cam Garish Reviews – One Review at a Time!

Last Updated: April 7, 2008

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