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Fall Guys banished its scummiest players to cheater island

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…Wait. Oh. OH! Cheater Island. Dammit, I wish this story was about a Mediatonic black ops team kidnapping jerks and marooning them on an island filled with feline apex predators. You can run, but you can’t run far.

Anyway, picture this: Fall Guys, the most wholesome battle royale ever made. A joyful celebration of silliness, filled with human beans and people just wanting to have a good time in the hellscape of 2020 as they compete against each other in fun mini-games. Now imagine how much of a turd you’d have to be to see that game and say “yeah, I’m going to cheat the heck out of this!”.

Far worse than that one dude who waits at the finish line and grabs you just before the timer ticks down (but like that dude is definitely a close second), that problem with cheaters has been plaguing Fall Guys since launch. Mediatonic was well aware of this, and rather than just serve a healthy dose of ban-hammerings to the guilty culprits, the developer came up with an ironic punishment instead: Placing all of that vermin in a private hell: Cheater Island.

Mediatonic’s first stab at sorting cheaters out of the lobbies filled with more honest players, was to leave these players in a freefall purgatory for all eternity, but as more ne’er-do-wells rocked up to Fall Guys, they were placed on their own island and left alone to do bad things to one another. Here’s an example of said badness:

Here’s where the silliness ends, and I reach for my Boyz II Men CD and start playing End of the road: Cheater Island has been tossed into the void. While it was funny while it lasted, Mediatonic is now relying on a more standard punishment of banning players who have been caught by the long dick of the law and Epic’s anti-cheat software.

Last Updated: September 15, 2020

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