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Fall Guys is going to smash your beans with Big Yeetus, a giant hammer obstacle

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Big yeet

If you’re a big fan of Fall Guys but you kind of wish you could wallop that turd who almost threw you into a pit in Roll Out, have I got some good news for you! Developer Mediatonic announced that they were working on something new for the game, which just so happens to be a big freakin’ hammer. No ordinary tool of bean destruction, this hammer is powered by PURE MILLENIAL ENERGY and is known as Big Yeetus.

While you can’t wield the mighty Big Yeetus, likely due to Odin Allfather placing an enchantment on it that keeps all but the worthiest of beans from even lifting it up, you can use it to gain an advantage in a round. According to the GIF, Big Yeetus appears to be a fixed point of bean-bludgeoning power, having spawned near the end of the Dizzy Heights mini-game. Position yourself just right, and you can ride the momentum of a Big Yeetus pummeling all the way to the finish line. Also I just love writing Big Yeetus. BIG YEETUS!

Jokes aside, the inclusion of this mechanic is big news in the Fall Guys space. Changes made to the game have focused more on fine-tuning so far, ensuring that team games aren’t played back to back and polishing the core mechanics of Fall Guys further according to player feedback. Adding Big Yeetus to the architecture of Fall Guys as a random obstacle, throws a wrench into any established strategy that players have come up with since the launch of Mediatonic’s smash hit.

Also, more chaos. Which is never a bad thing. Fall Guys was a freebie on PS Plus last month, but even if you missed the boat on it, it’s well worth a few of your Rands to play one of the biggest surprises of the year.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020

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