Fallout cat cosplay wins the internet

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Fallout kitty

As much as I might wish otherwise, cosplay isn’t just about putting on a jumpsuit or some spandex and calling it a day. Careful consideration goes into prop creation and even backgrounds, although it often comes down to the all-important pose. Get your pose right for your character, and you can totally sell that believability. Somehow, this cat absolutely nails it.

Seattle Sea-Cats, cat cosplay experts, have the perfect models for this Fallout cosplay. Just check out some of these pictures posted on twitter:

I think that tiny kitty Pip-Boy is my favorite thing I’ve seen all day. Of course, if you head on over to their actual blog on Tumblr, you can see even more adorable pictures. Now I just need to convince my cats that wearing cool costumes is cool and I’ll be sorted. These cats are already so cute, but in costume they become far too adorable. I must make my kitty into a Sith Lord – how hard can it be, right?

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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