I touched on expeditions in my preview of the upcoming Far Cry title, New Dawn, but I feel they deserved a bit more attention as I find them a very clever addition to the franchise.

Far Cry New Dawn is set in Hope County which is great for the main story line as it can carry on story arcs from Far Cry V, and let’s be honest it lets them reuse their map and assets to create a whole new game for a fraction of the cost. However, it also means the team were restricted to the setting.

The new feature, Expeditions changes all of that. To launch an expedition you head to your local travel agent in the camp. By travel agent I mean the completely insane Canadian from Quebec. From there you choose your first expedition, which is an assault on an aircraft carrier docked next to a cliff-top far away from Hope County. This little detail opens up a world of opportunities for the developers as not only are they no longer restricted to creating experience in Hope County but now they are also able to fine tune the experiences in these smaller settings. Adding the ability to improve the visuals, add more enemies and increase the action on all counts.


Each expedition follows the same basic idea. You need to enter a heavily fortified area, steal the backpack containing the objective and high take it out of there.

The objective though had a GPS tracker on it and once it’s moved it will set off an alarm and all hell will break loose. So you could decide to enter the stage using stealth to avoid any detection until you have the objective. Or like myself, just blast your way in like a maniac and then panic and die constantly when you get overloaded by enemies when the alarm goes off.

But this is also where the new co-op abilities come in. You can start up an expedition with a friend online, or an AI-powered buddy, and tackle the expeditions the same way.

On the aircraft carrier mission my Ubisoft-assigned buddy pretty much carried me to the objective, then left me guarding the package while he ran off to get a car. Once the car was ready I grabbed the package, made a mad dash for the vehicle and we sped off down the runway before launching off the end into the ocean. Then it was just a short swim, while being shot at by enemies on jet skis , to the beach where we boarded the helicopter to safety.


Other than them being a ton of fun, expeditions are also a great way to score that all important loot with some loot only being available via certain expeditions. Each expedition has 3 difficulty levels and there are a number of different expeditions. I personally played 3 of them but I’m not sure how many there are. However, if New Dawn does well this is obviously something the developers could keep adding to the game while making them increasingly difficult.

I think expeditions are a great addition to the game and something you’re going to really enjoy playing when Far Cry: New Dawn releases in 2 weeks

Last Updated: January 28, 2019


  1. Viper_ZA

    January 28, 2019 at 14:44

    I really have to find FC5 and start playing it… But that leaves me with Red Dead 2 & RE2 still to be played. AARRRRRRGGHGHHGHGHG life decisions I suppose? lol


  2. Darg Varg

    February 26, 2019 at 22:19

    I have been to hell and back on the internet and cannot find the answer to HOW DO YOU GET MORE THAN ONE EXPEDITION? There is always constantly ONLY one expedition in the Journal. That aircraft carrier. Boring. Where are the others damnit?


    • Geoffrey Tim

      February 27, 2019 at 08:40

      Use ethanol you get from clearing outposts to upgrade expeditions at Prosperity. you’ll unlock more as you do this and clear previous expeditions.


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