FarmVille for Dummies is a Real Book

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I’ve completely overestimated casual gamers. The most popular casual game on the planet (at the moment), Facebook’s Farmville is apparently so confusing and difficult to play that it requires one of those yellow tomes for the braindead  and clueless, The Dummies Guide.

Of course, I’m being dismissive because I can, never actually having played the game. I’m sure there are some pretty complex activities and tons of hidden depth. It has to be a compelling game if 25 million people pay it every day, right? Core game franchises would kill for that sort of loyal fan base.

If you’re a farming dunce, the book will help you with things such as :

  • Serves as an ideal introductory guide to the wildly popular online game of FarmVille
  • Walks you through downloading the app either via Facebook, Yahoo!, or your mobile device
  • Details how to find neighbors and interact with them, purchase farm cash and coins, shop at the market, and choose a profession
  • Highlights ways to earn ribbons, construct buildings, and become a co-op farmer
  • Helps you deal with technical issues

I think the title of the book ought to be changed – using the magic of punctuation- from “Farmville for dummies” to “Farmville, for dummies.”

Source : Amazon (via Gamesbrief)

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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