Farpoint might be a good VR game, but that doesn’t make it a good shooter

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Farpoint review round-up 1

Farpoint is the latest big Sony developed VR title that is meant to remind you that PlayStation VR still exists. It’s been a little bit disappointing to see software for the VR headset not live up to the otherwise fantastic hardware, with developers still cautious over its appeal and penetration. So it’s really up to Sony to keep that fire alive, and Farpoint has been one of the poster titles for PSVR since day one. But how does it fare now that it’s actually out?

Reviews for the VR games have started pouring in, and there’s a general tone to all of them. Farpoint seems to be a fantastic use of both VR and the new PlayStation Aim Controller (which allows you to use the Move controllers in a gun configuration). But it doesn’t hide the fact that Farpoint is a pretty run of the mill shooter by modern standards.

Polygon – 7.5/10

Farpoint review round-up 4

While Farpoint‘s different parts, taken individually, lean a little too heavily on inspiration from existing pop culture properties that have already been strip mined, they all fit together into a neat package. The game nails the basics of aiming and firing a gun in a way that’s incredibly satisfying — even if the Aim controller feels more mandatory than optional. Farpoint may seem basic in a few years, once VR design has progressed past the point of simple shooters. But right now, as developers are still wrestling with the language of virtual reality, it’s tough to get the basics right in any VR game, much less a big budget shooter. Farpoint isn’t perfect, but it nails those basics.

Destructoid – 7/10

Farpoint review round-up 2

My enjoyment of Farpoint is inherently tethered to my experience with it in VR. As a shooter it’s only slightly above average. But the team was able to incorporate various elements of sight, sound, and touch (by way of the Aim Controller) to elevate it. Here’s hoping that more games actually make use of it.

USGamer – 3/5

Farpoint review round-up 3

Farpoint is a game that does its job well, showing off PlayStation VR and the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. The act of shooting feels great and intuitive in the game thanks to the controller. Unfortunately, while VR adds to the experience, it doesn’t hide what’s a fairly rote and basic shooter from an earlier era of gaming.

Eurogamer – No Score

Farpoint review round-up 5

At its heart, Farpoint is a budget game, sold and promoted as a AAA title. The Aim controller lifts the gunplay above the mediocre but once that novelty wears off it’s hard not to notice just how basic everything is. For newcomers to VR it can be a jaw-dropping experience made all the more novel thanks to the Aim controller. For everyone else, especially VR veterans, Farpoint is simply a shooting gallery whose one grand idea is placing a slightly bigger lump of plastic in your hands.

Push Square – 7/10

Farpoint review round-up 6

Farpoint leans on novelty to make up for its shortcomings elsewhere, but wielding the PlayStation VR Aim Controller is such a unique experience that it papers over some dated game design. The story is cheesy but has some nice moments, and the action really ramps up towards the tail of the campaign. With an arcade mode and co-op included, Impulse Gear’s inaugural outing is a fulfilling offering, and while there are obvious improvements that could be made, there’s enough here to prove that blockbuster first-person shooters could find a home on PlayStation VR yet.

That’s slightly disappointing for a game that has been synonymous with PSVR marketing since its reveal. Farpoint might help justify your purchase of the headset with some novel uses of its hardware, but if the game isn’t that captivating it again forces you to ask why you own the headset in the first place. We’ll have our own review for Farpoint up soon.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2017

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    You could say it’s a… Far Cry… from a good shooter.

  • Hammersteyn

    Same can be said of Witcher 3 or Mass Effect Andromeda, both were good games, but the combat was clunky and unwieldy. Will get the PSVR as soon as one of my neighbours gets one… had one… used to have one

    • BakedBagel


      TW3 was perfect in every sense of the word. Dont you dare.

      • Hammersteyn

        Never! Not when compared the smoothness and responsiveness of a Souls game, aim for my legs, I don’t use those as much as my arms.

    • Spathi

      Dude, don’t bad mouth the Witcher! If you change the movement mode to alternative, Geralt is far more responsive and as a result, fighting flows a lot more.

      • Hammersteyn

        The what now? I have to play with settings to fix a game?

        • Spathi

          *sigh” Console plebs… 😛

          • Hammersteyn


  • Original Heretic

    This pretty much reinforces what I’ve been thinking about the VR games. Developers are still learning how to properly utilize it.
    Couple of years time, then it’s REALLY going to be worthwhile.
    For now, though, there are very few titles that are actually worth getting for it.

    Still wanna jam Res Evil 7 on it, though!

    • Not a couple of years.in 15 days Bridge Crew gets released and some people are already calling it a VR system seller.

      I will reserve my opinions but I must say this is the first game for my Vive I am looking forward too. Also it is cross platform out of the box. The first game of it’s kind I think and should help bind the VR community together.Be it Oculus,Vive or PSVR.

      • Original Heretic

        Ooooo, just looked it up and it does seem pretty damn cool.

        Buuuut, it is only one of a handful of examples for actual good games out there (if it actually does end up being good, it’s yet to be released so the jury is still out).
        VR is awesome hardware. All the developers just need to learn how to use it properly! Which is pretty much what happens with any new type of system released.

        • I think it is more of a perception issue. Everyone wants to make a FPS for VR and to be honest VR does not work too well with shooters as the action is maybe a bit too fast and twitch shooting only works well in wave shooters for VR. At least that is how I felt. Now adventure games or fantasy games seem to do rather well. I have this one game where fight in a fantasy world with magic and swords and bows and it is awesome. Name slips my mind atm though.

          • Original Heretic

            Now that sounds awesome.

            Man, for years and years, I’ve had this notion of doing a full on VR-type, completely immersive D&D adventure. The type of thing where all your mates get together, you’re all in “the machine”, with your various classes and then heading off to slay the princess and rescue the dragon.

            Ever heard about The VOID? Just in case you haven’t, check this out…


          • That is pretty cool.

  • Matthew Figueira

    Boooo was hoping this would make PSVR a MUST have. Decent scores though, just nothing stellar.

    • Bridge Crew!

      • Matthew Figueira


        • I honestly don’t know how to reply to this. 🙂

          “Use the force Harry” – Indiana Jones

          Yep sounds about right to me.

          • Matthew Figueira


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