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Fashion Dogz… Broadening our horizons

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The Worlds most Fashionable Dog..Okay in a slight detour from our normal racing, killing, maiming and sexual deviancy gaming news we bring you the latest blockbuster from Ubisoft.. Fashion Dogz

According to the press release

Fashion Dogz also offers players endless possibilities to be creative by designing fashionable clothes for a choice of 8 puppies, each with their own look and personality.  Train your dog and groom them to enter a variety of contests and competitions.

Now I know I am as far from the target market (Girls 6-12) as humanly possible here but I have to say that it does interest me to see if I can find out what exactly it is about the dogz series that interests people so much.

Apparently in the game you get to create clothing, decorate a dog house and send your dog on fashion shows. You also get to play mini games with your dog and interact with them…. Pretty much exactly what we can do in the upcoming PS3 Home just without the dog…

So if you just cannot wait for Home any longer, rush down to the store and pick up a copy of Fashion Dogz.. hell I am guessing it even comes with integrated Trophies and everything…

[As penance for comparing Fashion Dogz to Home I promise to go and pick up a copy and actually play it, you never know it may be what I have always been looking for]

Last Updated: June 25, 2008

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