Fatal Inertia now a 360 exclusive

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In some more bad news for Sony it has been revealed today that a previous Sony PS3 exclusive is now exclusively Xbox 360…

Fatal Inertia a futuristic racing game was originally meant to be a PS3 exclusive launch title, but  it missed the boat and then became a cross platform game.

Now on the 11th of September it will be released for the 360 only. The developer has cited problems in getting the engine to work on the PS3 and has now shelved the PS3 version indefinitely.

Not many people are very excited about this game so it’s no real loss to Sony right? Well the engine that they couldn’t get to work on the PS3 is actually the Unreal Engine.

Yes Ubisoft managed to get it to work for Rainbow 6: Vegas after months of delays… could this be the reason for those delays? If the Unreal engine doesn’t work properly on the Playstation that would be a real setback for Sony.

Source: Game | Life – Wired Blogs

Last Updated: July 3, 2007

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