FaZed and Confused Part 1 – CSGO Wild and FaZe Clan

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Side note: It’s been a week, and still no word from James “Phatoml0rd” Varga.

A number of readers asked that we look into the unfolding accusations and alleged involvement of world famous Call of Duty organization, FaZe Clan. FaZe have existed as one of the biggest Call of Duty franchises in North America for several years. Producing a number of popular players and personalities, FaZe has always held a prestigious reputation as one of the biggest, and richest, eSports empires. That reputation was flawless, bar the odd meme, until the ownership of another CS:GO gambling site, CSGO Wild, was linked to one of the members of the clan along with players who had undisclosed sponsorship from the website.

As always, Honor The Call released a four-part series detailing their involvement as gathered from alleged intel released from Richard Lewis. More information was offered in terms of a speculatory post on Reddit, as well as some heavy damage control performed by the players in question over the past few weeks. The attempts by the guilty parties mentioned to cover their tracks is worrisome, but after Valve released their cease and desist letters last week, we can rest assured that these scumbags can no longer, allegedly, steal money from their fans. Let’s have a look.

This introductory video features an all too familiar antagonist – Phantoml0rd. Here Phantoml0rd discloses knowledge that both CSGO Lotto (Syndicate and Tmartn) and CSGO Wild (FaZe guys) might be up to some shady business, which he feels deserves some necessary investigation. Why? Nobody really knows, but the general consensus is that they were getting away with some shady business, and he wanted in.

This information was speculated months earlier in a Reddit post where one user pointed out a number of irregularities in a number of FaZe Clan YouTube videos. Here we see a member of FaZe Clan, FaZe Adpat, gambling on CSGO Wild against our poster boy for shady gambling, Phatoml0rd.


The post explains, in length, some ounce of verification that the FaZe guys are up to no good, specifically FaZe Rain (supposed part owner) and FaZe Adapt (the gambler in question). This is all up for interpretation, of course, as these alleged accusations have been met with some damage control and editing of information and video descriptions.

The evidence is pretty damning, and in this four part series we will be offering summaries of all the drama as it unfolds.

Last Updated: July 25, 2016

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