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FaZed and Confused Part 3–Making it Rain

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Today we venture into hard facts with part three of our FaZe Clan and CSGO Wild Soap Opera. So far we’ve seen alleged ownership, unpaid developers, and blatant lies put forward by the owners of FaZe Clan who, according to strong evidence, owned the gambling site CSGO Wild.

HonorTheCall once again offers Twitter and Skype conversations between parties involved in the early development of the website back in October, 2015. The fact that CSGO Wild had the audacity to release a statement clearly saying that the site was not owned by any members of the FaZe Clan, but a few members were under sponsorship and paid in cash. In cash? Why would anyone ever be paid in cash for a sponsorship? It all sounds a bit fishy to me, but let’s take a closer look.

After CSGO Wild disclosed ownership of their website (stating FaZe Clan did not own it), HonorTheCall takes a look at Tweets from October 3rd, 2015 where you can clearly see both owners of FaZe Clan searching for designers for a  new website. We touch on this yesterday, where some designers went unpaid as well.


The next piece of damning evidence is a Skype conversation between Rain Banks and a designer. This is easily the most damning evidence out there, and proves that the FaZe Clan do have ownership in CSGO Wild.


Highlighted in red is FaZe Banks, or Banksy on Skype, and here he openly admits to the success of CSGO Wild and his ownership. This, for me, proves what everyone has been thinking – FaZe Clan have been up to no good. This is a gaming organization with one of the largest followings in eSports. They’ve been around for six years, and a large majority of their following are young gamers who would be seen as grossly underage in the gambling world.

The next Twitter conversation is between FaZe Swan, a director and designer at FaZe Clan. Here we see that Banks in fact left CSGO Wild, but clearly states that FaZe Rain still owns a large portion of the website.

Twitter DM

You may recall the two Tweets put out by the owners of FaZe Clan on July 17th. Both disclosed that they had no ownership or part in the CSGO Wild project, other than a sponsorship (paid in cash) from the website. Rain, who gambled on and promoted the website initially did not disclose his sponsorship (ownership) and went on a damage control spree once HonorTheCall and h3h3productions exposed both Tmartn and Syndicate.

Here’s the original YouTube video with no disclosure and nice clickbait title:

updated video

Here is the same video with an updated title and disclosed sponsorship:

updated video


What we see here, and what HonorTheCall expresses deeply, is that FaZe Rain committed a direct violation of FTC laws, which governs the Federal Trade in the United States. He gambled on his own website and won $60,000. Whether he employed similar rigged odds, like Phantoml0rd, is unclear, but the fact that he won money on a website he owned, without disclosing it, is cause for concern.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016

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