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There’s a nice story about Kinect doing the rounds this morning, what really surprised me though is that I found it via a tweet from Major Nelson and the first line of the article states

“There’s almost nothing I’ve seen before I picked up Kinect that really interested me. Many of the games looked OK, and the ones I played with before the launch didn’t really make me want to jump out and buy the thing.”

The article carries on in that vein basically saying that Kinect works but it’s not anything he would generally invest in… so why are Microsoft linking to this?

Well the article is actually about the game journalists autistic son who is generally not able to play console games as he can’t handle the controller and keeps on getting stuck on stages… which sort of reminds me of my wife getting stuck behind a non existent boat (or was it a truck) in Gears of War.

Anyway the point is that his son wanted to try Kinect and once Rally Ball was loaded his son stood in front of the TV and flailed away like mad thoroughly enjoying himself. Then the game ended and his dad gave him some quick instructions on how the menu system operated and he picked it up instantly and managed to get himself a new game going.

The basis of the story is that Kinect really does allow anyone to jump in and enjoy and while the core gamers aren’t going to stop complaining anytime soon even they will have to admit at some point that there is a market for the device and it doesn’t ruin the core gaming experience for anyone.

I recommend reading the article for yourself over at GamingNexus

Last Updated: November 11, 2010

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