FFD: Are video games going too far with sexuality?

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Say what you want about video games, but the titles that we hold in our hands aren’t exactly afraid to tackle some risqué subjects. From religious themes and over the top violence, nothing is sacred when it comes to gaming, but if there’s one thing that really gets concerned mothers and opportunistic politicians upset, it has to be video games and sexuality.

It’s not exactly a new thing either, as games have always managed to slip some of that adult-only content in plenty of times in recent years.

From that disturbing sexual assault in Phantasmagoria, the infamous “Hot Coffee” scandal of GTA San Andreas, to Kratos making a quick-time event relevant again in the bed-chambers of a goddess, as well as the soon to be blown-out-of-proportion same-sex relationships in Mass Effect 3, there certainly is a lot of sexual content currently doing the rounds.

But does some of it cross a line on your personal moral compass, or are you quite ambivalent when it comes to locking lips with a particular gender or species on screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated: March 2, 2012

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