FFD: Are you going to rAge this year, or would you rather get in the sea?

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It’s that time of the year again, where South African gamers who reside in or around Johannesburg (or who don’t mind a bit of travel) get all giddy and head to rAge, the country’s premier tech and gaming expo, so see all the things they’ll be playing in the next year.

I’m a little worried about this year – not because I think it’ll be terrible, but rather because of the current heat wave that’s making Johannesburg feel like it’s been kicked in to the sun. Even on a regular day, the Dome – which happens to be shaped like a massive pizza oven – is sweltering. Coupled that with the throngs of people and the weather and it seems that rAge is going to be rather warm.

The lineup of stuff this year isn’t terribly exciting, with there being just a handful of unreleased games available to play (including the amazing Cuphead!) – but it’ll still be a spectacle. The highlight of the whole thing, obviously, will be the Guitar Hero Live battle between Lazygamer and SAGamer where our own Figgy Stardust will prove who’s the better Axe-Wielder; you can see that on the main stage at around 12:20 on Saturday.

It’s a good time for gamers, so you really should be going. Let us know if you are, and also, let us know why you’re not going. And if you are going, especially on the Saturday, be sure to come meet us after rAge at the Hogshead Rock Cottage just up the road from the Dome- where I invite you to not at all, in no way whatsoever poke Darryn with a stick.

Last Updated: October 9, 2015

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