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FFD: Are you growing tired of open-world games?

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Even if I were a statue of a Hindu deity, I wouldn’t be able to count all of the high profile open world games released in the last few years on my fingers. Probably because I can;t count.  It seems that just about every single game is adopting that open world ethos – even in series that traditionally weren’t; Metal Gear Solid, The Arkham games and The Witcher immediately spring to mind.

While those managed to pull it off rather exquisitely, I personally feel that open world games are becoming overdone – and the biggest culprit in this regard is Ubisoft, who seem to be applying the same open world template to everything; unlock maps by climbing towers, and collect all sorts of largely pointless stuff scattered all over the map.

According to Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot, that’s the sort of experience gamers actually want.

“We think that gamers want more freedom,” Guillemot said. “They also want games that they can play for quite a while, because there are less games now. The open-world genre gives us the possibility to offer different gamers different types of experiences. We think they are better adapted to the diversity of gamers that are in the market at the moment.”

The open world trend is set to continue – with more publishers and developers likely to make the jump to sandboxes or open worlds.

“It’s a trend for the industry; there will be more and more open-world games because gamers buy those games more than the others,” he said.

Are there some games that aren’t set in open worlds that you’d love to transition to that format, or are you growing tired of open worlds and their largely shallow promises of exploration and freedom?

Tell us! What great game series should be open world, or should developers start giving us a few more linear, tightly scripted experiences?

Last Updated: September 4, 2015

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