FFD: Do You invert, bro?

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No matter whether you play on consoles or PC, there exists another two subdivisons of gamers who just can’t understand each other; those who play with inverted controls, and those who don’t.

The topic came up the other day when I was having a chat with Erwin (not his final form) and he was shocked to his core to discover that I don’t like inverted controls. He expected, seeing that I’ve been playing games forever, that I’d use inverted controls, which are very old-school.

In fact, Duke Nukem 3D, one of the very first games to offer mouse control had “inverted” controls as the default – but I have to say, even then it felt alien to me – and I’ve never liked inverted controls. While I understand why it feels more natural to some people, it just doesn’t sit right with me – I prefer my mouse or analogue stick to point to where I’m looking, as opposed to being a lever extended out of my virtual head.


The only exception to this is in flight sims and the like, where it feels more natural to use the thumbstick (or mouse!) as an extension of an actual flightstick.

So tell us; which do you prefer – and why?

Last Updated: June 28, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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