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FFD: Do you prefer your gaming news online, or in print?

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This is a seemingly unfair question to ask, well, online – but it’s still a pertinent one. In this modern, technological age there’s no denying that magazines and other print media have suffered. In a highly-connected world, people (gamers and other tech-savvy folks in particular) seem to have developed a penchant for instant gratification, quick and easy gaming news, something online, digital media provides, though it can also lead to indigestible information overload.

On the other hand, the mad rush of online – and the need to get information up as quickly as possible – means the actual journalism often suffers, and there’s a certain tactile power to glossy magazines, filled with beautiful pictures of things you want. Do you soak more up when you sit down to read the printed page, or are digital media’s benefits; ubiquity, speed,  searchability, the ability to update, immediacy etc. all too numerous to ignore?

Where do you prefer to get your gaming news, and what d you like about one format over the other?

Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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