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FFD: What game would you scrub from history if you could travel back in time?

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Games are pretty cool. I mean, that’s why you frequent this and other websites that talk about video games. If you’re like us, you’ve been playing video games for a long time – and they’re probably weaved right in to your memories.

Thing is, not all of those memories are good. And sometimes, you may find yourself wanting to give them the “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” treatment.

Or better yet, scrub some games not just from your own mind – but from history. The usual trope for time machines is people wanting to go back and kill Hitler before he became a megalomaniac with funny moustache, or prevent JFK’s assassination or some other act that would great benefit humankind.

But here’s an idea. What if you could travel back in time and stop a game from being made. Perhaps it’s because it was a terrible sequel that sullied your memories of the games that came before it, like Duke Nukem Forever. Maybe you’ve lost friends or loved ones to a terrible addition, and you’d like CS:GO, Hearthstone or Dota to have never been made.

Or perhaps, you’d want Metal Gear Rising to not exist just so that Darryn will shut up about it being the best game of all time. Maybe you just want The Witcher 3 to not exist, because no game has managed to feel as good since? Let us know.

Last Updated: April 29, 2016

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