FFD: How much time do you spend gaming?

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We know, from recent data, that the median age of the game-playing human being is 31. In fact, a pretty small percentage of gamers are the sort of people who don;t have daily responsibilities thanks to that horrible thing that keeps getting in the way: life.

When I was a spritely young lad, I’d often spend hour upon hour, eyes transfixed on a screen, playing whatever the game du jour at the time was. These days though, as a family man with responsibilities all over me like a monkey on my back, I struggle to find the time to play games.

It’s even worse considering my job; when I am playing games it’s usually out of obligation; some or other game that I have  to play for review instead of something I want to play. to be fair, often those overlap. Still, I find myself with less and less time available to play videogames – so I’m curious.

In an average week , how much time do you spend playing games. When is it too much, and at what point are you playing so little that it would be spurious to even call yourself a “core” gamer.

Last Updated: April 25, 2014

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