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FFD: Is Kinect a failure?

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I can't be friends with people who love motion gaming. We just don't Kinect.

No, I obviously don’t mean commercially. Kinect has sold like proverbial hotcakes, becoming the fastest selling consumer electronics product pretty much ever. The 20 or so million people who’ve shelled out money for the thing must be pretty disappointed though – because in the year and half  since its release, there’s just a handful of fun, genuinely good titles to play using Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect.

While I love the hell out of Dance Central (don’t judge me!), The Gunstringer, Child of Eden and Fruit Ninja Kinect, there’s been very little else for real gamers. Hardly any of the stuff we were shown at the technology’s reveal at E3 – at the time called Project Natal – has to come to fruition, and instead we’ve got sub-par, frankly insulting on-rail experiences. Where Kinect was supposed to herald the future of gaming, it’s really – as far as I’m concerned – taking it two steps back. It’s genuinely amazing technology, but so far for games? It sucks.

Let’s not even mention Star Wars Kinect, ok?

Do you agree with me? Do you think Kinect is a failure, or does it just need more time to live up to its potential?

Last Updated: April 20, 2012

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