FFD: Physical or digital?

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It’s funny, the physical delay for Dying Light – and its subsequent, additional week-long delay. Quite a number of people I know are still waiting for the game to hit store shelves, so they can pick up a physical copy. They could have, if they really wanted to, played the game over a month ago – but there’s something about physical copies of games that still appeals, despite the convenience of digital delivery.

As we learned yesterday, digital game sales are raking in a great big heap of cash, and it’s becoming obvious that more and more people are jumping on the digital distribution bandwagon – especially those on the new consoles who’re now more readily able to download full games.


Of course, PC gamers are old hats at digital distribution; with Steam, there’s very little need to even look at a physical copy of a game – especially seeing as you can’t trade them in, which is one of the principal reasons console users still love their physical media; using their old games to help fund their new ones.

I’m not the sort who tends to trade games in, and I love the convenience of not fussing with discs, so I’m all aboard the digital train. What of you though? Are you embracing digital or are you still hung up on the physical?

Last Updated: February 27, 2015

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