FFD: Tell us your Mass Effect memories

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But I had to kill him for the sake of the Krogans.

Many of us here at Lazygamer are huge fans of Mass Effect. Even with its possibly pointless tricolore ending to the whole series, it stands as one of the finest series of the last generation. Instead of fighting, offering dissenting views or debating on N7 day, let’s just talk about our favourite Mass Effect experiences, characters and situations. Oh yes, for those of you who haven’t played Mass Effect: Firstly, what’s wrong with you? and secondly, expect spoilers.

For example, let us know which your favourite game in the trilogy was. Mine was… probably the first. It was the only one that really played like an actual  RPG (with later games become more story-driven shooters). It also introduced us to the Citadel, which is probably still my favourite hub location in a game.  It also let me have freaky lesbian sex with a blue alien. Yes; I chose a female Shepherd, because I still think Jennifer Hale’s Femshep was a billion times better than Mark Meer’s Shepherd. Let us know who your favourite Krogan was; Wrex or Grunt? Did you choose to save Ashley, or Kaidan?  How many of you tried to engage in digital relationships with Miranda?

Do you favour playing as a Paragon, or a Renegade? Did you kill the Rachni queen, or save her? Did you, like Darryn, KILL TALI because you’re a cruel and heartless bastard? Did you lose any of your crew, and feel a sense of genuine sadness? Which of the three endings did you choose? There’s so much to discuss. Tell us your favourite moments, your tales of heartbreak, your tales of victory.

Of course, if you do feel like spewing a bit of vitriol, tell us what you really though about Mass Effect 3’s ending.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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