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FFD: What IP would you give to which developers?

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With THQ’s demise, and other developers and publishers picking up a bunch of their IP we may see some pretty radical changes. Though most properties have gone along with the studios that developed them, others will find themselves being developed by new teams. It brings up a pretty wonderful “what if,” fantasy situation.

Imagine, perhaps, if the folks from Platinum had, as they teased, picked up Darksiders – and it turned in to a crazy Japanese game? Or moving away from THQ assets, we saw Bioware tackle something like Final Fantasy?

Perhaps you’d like to see the Dead Space developers Visceral Games take on Resident Evil – or Ninja Theory apply the make-over treatment to something like Hitman? Gearbox could probably do something great with Duke Nukem…Yeah, ok never mind. One example of something of this ilk that worked exceptionally well was Rockstar taking the Red Dead IP over from Capcom – and Platinum’s stab at Metal Gear could be amazing.

In an ideal world, which game properties – old and new -  would you like to see moved to different developers?

Last Updated: January 25, 2013

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