FFD: What’s your Desert Island Game?

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Today’s FFD idea comes courtesy of a dedicated reader and commenter with far too few “n’s” and too many “f’s” in his name, Erwin Kempff.

Imagine this; you’re on a flight somewhere, perhaps Oceanic 815 out of Sydney and for some reason, perhaps a large amount of electromagnetic interference, your plane goes down and you’re stuck on a desert island for eternity. Or maybe you aren’t, and you’re in some sort of purgatory. Or something. Man, this is confusing.

Anyway; you’re stuck on an island and, let’s pretend it has infinite electrical resources, and instead of using it all to, y’know, try and get your ass off the island, you use it instead to play games.

What single game would you be happy playing for the rest of eternity?

Last Updated: November 2, 2012

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